Mail Exchange (MX)

Netwichtig handles incoming mail for a number of domains. If you want us to host your domain, please contact us.

Software: Exim

SMTP Submission (AUTH Relay)

For Netwichtig users to send email.

Software: Exim

Hostname: smtp.netwichtig.de

Mailing Lists

Netwichtig has been providing mailing lists for a while in the past but had to stop due to software issues. Mailing Lists are back now, with pgp-support, through Schleuder. Non-encrypted lists are also planned again, either using Sympa or Mailman.

Software: Schleuder

Hostname: pgplists.netwichtig.de

Key-ID: 51276A643395F3F79126F21D9A4AEC868CDF2EB7

Spam Filtering

Mainly done in the MTA, as exim is very powerful in that regard, through a combination of (ca. 20, as of 2018) carefully selected DNS lists (e.g. Spamhaus), content scanners, relatively strict adherence to protocol specifications, tarpitting, etc.

Software: SpamAssassin mainly

E-Mail Access

Both POP and IMAP protocol are supported, both only via TLS-secured connections.

Software: Dovecot

Hostname: mail.netwichtig.de